Business Costs

Business Costs With business costs lower than the US, Canada ranks highly among all other countries rated in KMPG’s Competitive Alternatives study. Vancouver, with an index of 94.6, is the closest major city to Chilliwack. However, Chilliwack has significantly lower land and facility costs, and as such would be closer to the Canadian average index […]

Cost of Living

Living Costs The cost of living in Chilliwack is significantly lower than Vancouver, primarily due to lower land values. The average cost of a single-family detached home in Chilliwack is $816,400. Rent Average monthly shelter costs for owned dwellings in Chilliwack is $2,182. For rented dwellings, the average monthly cost is $1000 for a one-bedroom.


Wages & Income Chilliwack’s average family income is $82,311 per year (2016 Census), which is comparative to other cities of its size and distance from a major urban centre. British Columbia’s minimum wage is $15.20(CAD) per hour. Payroll Employers must deduct Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions, Employment Insurance(EI) premiums and income tax from an employee’s […]

Taxation & Fees

Development Cost Comparison When construction value exceeds $50,000, property developers must pay a Development Cost Charge (DCC) prior to obtaining a Building Permit. These fees are used to fund capital improvements to the sewer, water, drainage, and road infrastructure and the acquisition of parkland and open spaces. The table and chart below displays a comparison […]