Business Costs

Business Costs

wdt_ID SEGMENT INDEX (VS US baseline of 100) COST ADV
1 Digital 82.2 17.8%
2 R&D 84.2 15.8%
3 Corporate Services 87.6 12.5%
4 Manufacturing 96.2 3.8

With business costs lower than the US, Canada ranks highly among all other countries rated in KMPG’s Competitive Alternatives study. Vancouver, with an index of 94.6, is the closest major city to Chilliwack. However, Chilliwack has significantly lower land and facility costs, and as such would be closer to the Canadian average index of 92.8.

Reducing Costs

1 CANADA $32.57 sq.ft. $40.12 sq.ft. $11.16 sq.ft.
2 VANCOUVER $23.59 sq.ft. $39.42 sq.ft. $16.93 sq. ft.
3 CHILLIWACK $11.00-$15.00 sq.ft. $20.00 sq.ft. $15.00-$20.00 sq. ft.
Canada’s cost advantage has also improved over the last couple of years. In particular Canada saw a decrease in office lease costs and sea freight. Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, has a clear cost advantage over the US baseline.

Business Licenses & Permits