Households & Housing

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About 80% of Chilliwack households are located in urban or suburban areas. Housing development originated in Chilliwack proper, on the north side of the highway. Then growth spread south through the Sardis-Vedder corridor and up the hillsides, south of the highway. As much of Chilliwack’s land is protected and reserved for agricultural land, growth across the valley floor remains limited.

There are about 32,440 households in Chilliwack with an average household size of 2.5 
persons. About 68% of households are one-family only households. About 61% have one to two persons, and the remaining 39% have three or more persons. About 36% of households have children at home.

About 70% of all properties in Chilliwack are owned, which is higher than the BC average. Of the existing housing stock, 56% are single family detached, 19% are apartments, and about 23% are semi-detached houses, townhouses, or duplexes.

Family Structure

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The data table above displays the family structure of private households in Chilliwack, including one family only households, couples with and without children, lone parent family households, two or more family households, and non census family households.

Rental Housing

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There are about 7,690 rented dwellings. Average monthly shelter cost for a one bedroom rental unit is $900 per month compared to $2,000 in Vancouver. There are about 10 subsidized developments for seniors or low income families in Chilliwack.  

Marital Status

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The majority of the population in Chilliwack are married. Having a predominantly married population is  beneficial as married couples usually bring in larger incomes, higher net worth and gains on average.